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Gladys Gladys de Paris a écrit le 18/11/2012 à 05:19
God damn Aria is gorgeous in there. So different from her usual style.
Porcelain Porcelain de Seattle, Washington, US a écrit le 18/10/2012 à 16:50
it's been a year since l've seen you guys! Hope you are both well <3
Jaclyn Jaclyn de Melbourne a écrit le 15/10/2012 à 20:33
I am a girl and I am a big fan of your work .Most of the time glamour stuff is tacky but this Aria Giovanni photoshoot with the Mata Hari theme let me speechless .The stylism, the jewels everything is so well done. keep on the good work.
Laurena Lacey Laurena Lacey de Dublin, Dublin, Ireland a écrit le 27/09/2012 à 02:59
These guys are amazing to work with, lovely people and fantastic photography!! if you get the opportunity dont miss out!! I Look forward to the images and working with them again <3
Christie Gabriel Christie Gabriel de Chicago, Illinois, US a écrit le 29/06/2012 à 05:28
Shooting with you two was a blast ; I enjoyed every minute of it! The creative concepts you had for me were very unique and well executed. You will be the first to know if I come back to South France!
Masuimi Max Masuimi Max de Las Vegas, Nevada, US a écrit le 27/05/2012 à 21:50
Back in London now. thank you so much Eric and Caro for a lovely time in France! I love RBB2 <3 We Went to Sanary Beach and Le Village Du Castellet with RBB2 in France !!! Candids going up tomorrow..
Kelly Kelly de Los Angeles, California, US a écrit le 31/01/2012 à 04:33
Bonjour Eric et Caro! You guys are amazing, it was so great to work with you. Thank you for being so wonderful and will definitely get in touch when I come back to France! 🙂
Zoi Zoi de Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands a écrit le 10/12/2011 à 08:35
Hey Eric and Caro! Thank you so much for the great 2 days of shooting and fantastic hospitality! I really had a brilliant time and think that we made beautiful photos! Hope to work with you both again! Zoi xxx
Nicole Vaunt Nicole Vaunt de Portland, Oregon, US a écrit le 29/10/2011 à 17:31
Had such a great time as well with you guys! 😀 Very much looking forward to next September.
Aria Giovanni Aria Giovanni a écrit le 22/07/2011 à 12:13
l have been sitting on the couch editing my photos from Toulon and the photos we made are just phenomenal beautlful