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AriaIndex AriaIndex a écrit le 23/12/2021 à 12:42
Thx for sharing more memories of Aria. I loved the tassles and sheer set her assets did very well in those. If you appreciate I’d love to make a post on my site linking to yours.
Anton Anton de Anton a écrit le 02/08/2021 à 02:21
Lovely Website, Maintain the good work. thnx!
Chauncey Chauncey de Dublin a écrit le 24/07/2021 à 06:14
Nice Pics! Love it.
Pierre Pierre de Bordeaux a écrit le 21/07/2021 à 01:34
You've gotten awesome thing here. Miss Brianna Jordan pictures wow love her boobs :-o)
Shay Shay de Houston a écrit le 09/07/2021 à 06:03
Love the website. Wonderfull girls and whole lots to see!
Didier Didier de Lausanne a écrit le 30/06/2021 à 19:12
Love the pictures of Tera , she is a true goddess , I am a big fan/
Mathilde Mathilde de Lyon a écrit le 17/05/2021 à 14:43
J'adore votre style! J'ai adoré les photos de Masuimi en style Retro, ça la change trop . Ca lui va trop bien le noir et blanc .
Paul Paul de Anvers a écrit le 29/04/2021 à 07:24
Found some good Aria Giovanni Pictures in there ! Thanks for sharing all of them
Dorie Dorie de Denver a écrit le 27/04/2021 à 21:53
Glad I found your website! Lots to see there 🙂
Christophe Mourthé Christophe Mourthé de Paris a écrit le 21/04/2021 à 07:24
J’ai parcouru votre nouveau site avec attention et curiosité. Nombreuses sont les images que je n’avais vu. Et c’est tant mieux. La découverte est toujours merveilleuse. Autant je vous connais assez bien, du moins, je le pense, autant j’ai découvert non pas 2 photographes comme vous l’indiquez, mais 3. L’association des 2 donne bien un 3 ème artiste encore plus complet que les deux autres. C’est votre force et votre talent. Mélange subtil de sensibilité, d’Amour, et de passion photographique aboutie. L’histoire infinie d’un couple hors norme. Une culture photographique évidente qui manque cruellement aujourd’hui au public. Je vous embrasse. Please faites en plus et encore d’autres.
Gordon Gordon de Bradford a écrit le 09/04/2021 à 11:22
Love it. Will certainly share site with my friends.
Geoffrey Geoffrey de Metz a écrit le 12/02/2021 à 01:11
Wonderful page, Continue the great work. With thanks!
Ervin Ervin de Toulouse a écrit le 15/08/2020 à 06:34
Super photos, les filles sont super belles et j aime bien le style, ça change ,ça fait pas vulgos, plutôt chicos lol
Mike Vallee Mike Vallee de Austin a écrit le 05/05/2020 à 17:38
This is the class photography I like the most. 
These pictures are wall hangers! 
Great work. Mike
Ella Rose Ella Rose de Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK. a écrit le 29/09/2019 à 19:30
I recently modelled for the RBB2 duo (Caroline & Eric) in France, shooting 2 days and staying 3 nights at their home. I wanted to write this reference as a thank you, as it was such a positive experience which I really enjoyed! The communication from the beginning was great, and I was treated really well at their home, with lovely cooking and lots of French language learning thrown in! I was so impressed by how organised they were, with multiple sets and costumes arranged in advance, and it was a total pleasure to model for them. They are a wonderful, inspiring and loving family, and I was treated with kindness and good humour, including being collected from the airport and driven to my next location in France, which was much appreciated. My only hope is that they will ask me to return again! Thank you!
Agueda Agueda de Barcelona a écrit le 24/02/2018 à 20:23
the Valentine pictures are nice, especially with Tera What a goddess
Adalberto Adalberto de Tunis a écrit le 02/06/2017 à 10:14
Love the Blogs! I am a big Aria Giovanni Fan and Love the content! do you sell them ?
Leila Leila de Viennes a écrit le 28/05/2017 à 03:29
Just found out the latest sets with Tera Patrick ! Thanks for sharing. Dolce Vita gallery is HOT Can't wait to see the rest
Masuimi Max Masuimi Max de Las Vegas, Nevada, US a écrit le 23/12/2015 à 22:50
Before I do my grueling workout, I wanted to repost this. Unfortunately, I had a really long comment typed out, then wiped it out by accident, gah to long claws! I really miss my friends In France, RBB2 are such great people, with Incredible talent. I love photoshop, especlally when used artisticly, but I also love natural photos, and RBB2 is extraordinarily talented when it comes fo au naturel! We always have so much fun shooting. I think a visit to Toulon In 2016 Is In order!
Arshid Arshid de India a écrit le 05/08/2014 à 17:36
Brilliant work!! Love it!! Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep it up