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Zoi Gorman – Anksunamun

31/01/2014 : Zoi Gorman – Anksunamun

To tell you a little More about this Photoshoot, We had it in Mind for a looong time and Zoi had the perfect Face and Body for it

Why Anksunamun?? And Who is she??

Here we didn’t follow the Real Historical Ankehesamun,real woman of the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.
Caus there is a big Difference between the Real one And The Character of the « The Mummy Returns » Movie : Anksu-namun.

Ankhesenamun is famous in the Egyptian History for beeing the daughter of Queen Nefertiti and of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, better known under the name of Akhenaten.
And Secondly for having married King Tutankhamun who sadly died when he was only 18 years old.

In the Movie, The Story is really different and they added a beautiful Romance to all this.

So, this Theme is directly inspired by the Movie We Loved so Much « The Mummy Returns » .
The Whole Movie is Around a Love Affair Between Imhotep And Anksu-namun Who survived after Death.

The Actress Patricia Velasquez is Amazing in this movie and you can feel Her Power and Her Emotions so deeply !!!

In one scene, she morphes from her incarnation: Evelyn O’Connell to the Death survivor She Was: Anksu-namun.
In that Scene, she is All Gold Body Painted and it had been the departure point of our idea!!

Of course, We turned it as a Glamour Shoot and Zoi had been the perfect model for it : Glamour, Inspired, Powerfull !

Hope You’re gonna like the Idea

Here is below a Video found on YouTube with the Best Moments of the Romance between the 2 Characters in the Mommy Returns Movie.
Click Here To Visit the Gallery !!

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January News With Zoi

25/01/2014 : January News With Zoi

Eh, Guys !!! Here we are with the January News with the Amazing International Playmate Zoi !!!

Zoi is really popular, she is many times Playboy Playmate in many different countries.She is shooting all over the world for the Major companies.
She is So lovely, easy going, relievable . She has an amazing Face and a Body with Divine Curves

We’re pretty sure you’ve already seen her tons in our website, caus we LOVE to shoot with her and shot her many times!

Of course, if you Love her as much as we do , go on her Website and you’ll get lots of contents of her various photoshoots (not only ours), and will get some exclusive content from ours

As Zoi is a really Cameleon, we Love to shoot her in Theme Photoshoots. She has been already for us: Aphrodite, 1001 Nights Incarnation, Hollywood Diva, In Second Skin Latex and Corsets, in Lingerie …..

So, this Week, We Shot Zoi during 3 days,and we’ve decided to shoot her:
In Fortune Teller (with the whole thing: candles, chrystal Ball…),
In Esmaralda with the Tarot Cards and Lovely Purple Outfit,
and in The Egyptian Myth of Anksunamun (you know, the one in The Momy’s Return Movie, when she comes back from Death to Find Back her Lover…), with a full Gold Bodypaint !!!!
Of course, we did our way, as usual !! For those who ignore it, we do all The Styling, Hair, Make-Up, and Photography by ourselves!

We’ve done some Retro Lace, Silk Lingerie…Always Glamour as you know, but Tasty Glamour.
Added to this, we’ve shot a little lovely Red set for Februaury (No preview of it, surprise)
Be prepared

Here is the Gallery with the Previews of What’s coming Next on our Respective Websites:

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Zoi Gorman – Beauty

18/01/2014 : Zoi Gorman – Beauty

New Gallery Uploaded!!
Zoi Gorman – Beauty

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