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Brianna Jordan – Bollywood

12/06/2015 : Brianna Jordan – Bollywood

New Gallery Uploaded!!
Brianna Jordan – Bollywood

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Zoi – 1001 Nights

10/11/2013 : Zoi – 1001 Nights

This Gallery is A Bollywood/Indian Theme , We used a Saree we had in our Wardrobe and got an Amazing Jewelry Set just for it.
As usual now, Hair and Make-Up are done By Us, like the Stylism and of course the Photography.
All this content is ZERO PHOTOSHOP too !!!

Zoi was the perfect Model for this shoot!! We couldn’t dream of a Better Model for this.
Her Face and Body match so well with it, and she got the mood and inspiration, the great poses and expressions.

New Gallery Uploaded!!
Zoi – 1001 Nights

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Aria Giovanni In Mata-Hari

02/10/2012 : News With Aria Giovanni – Mata Hari

JUNE 2011
She’s mysterious, attractive and dangerous.She is Mata Hari.
Aria Giovanni was Perfect in this set !!!
We had this Theme in Mind for a loong time ,but Aria was the only one who could match with it.
Her Curves and her Wonderful Face were what we needed for it.
First, you need to know (If you don’t) a little more about Mata Hari.
She was an Exotic Dancer during the end of the 19th century, beginning 20th. And had been executed because of suspicion of spy activity during the First World War.
She was really attractiv and glamour.She used her charms and her sex-appeal to help her Country
If you want to know more about Mata Hari, check the Wikipedia Page.

To prepare this Theme, we had in mind something really dreamy, kind of Oriental but not too much, with Veils and Jewells. She had to be able to play with the veils, to show a lot, but not too much.
We created the outfit and the Jewell Look by assembling and desassembling some Indian Jewells plus some Veils that we made come directly from India. When you don’t find something, the best way is really to do it yourself!!! At the end, it was a really good idea

Click HERE if you want to see the Mata Hari  Gallery

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