Masuimi Max – Jessica Rabbit

19/12/2012 : News With Masuimi Max – Jessica Rabbit

MAY 2012
Jessica Rabbit is a Cartoon Doll we have always had in mind to Picture one Day!
We love her , she is so Adorable and Sexy!! She’s THE Vamp!!
And Masuimi Max was the perfect incarnation of her, she has the Character, the boobs adn the shape !!!!
In an other hand, Masuimi had already schedulded a Jessica Rabbit Theme Shoot caus she’s looving Jessica Rabbit for years!!!!
Hopfully, it finally ended the Best way for us: we did it with her,and she did it with us
Masuimi had already made done one Latex Dress by Violaceous Latex and she wanted to use it Annabelle Violaceous have made an great job on it!
We had in mind a very special Background for it, she is a Movie Star!!! And a Famous Singer !!
We made it just like we had it in mind
She just had to show up ,and then, the magic was on top !!!!!

Click HERE if you want to see the Jessica Rabbit Gallery

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