News With Zoi Gorman

05/01/2013 : News With Zoi Gorman

If you don’t know yet about Zoi Gorman, this amazing half greek-half scottish model, take a look at this gallery and you’ll never forget her name
Zoi is a Nederland Model, who, after many years as a fashion and lingerie model, decided to do Nude and Artistic too.
Zoi had been seen in Playboy, Wonderbra and Pleasurements…. and so many others.She has shot too with the best Fine Art Nudes Photographers all around !
Don’t forget to join her amazing Website : Dreaming of Zoi to view all her wonderful work.

Here is a sneak peak of What we’ve done together when we shot for the first time together in 2011.
Take a look on what we had in mind for Zoi and how she can be so different depending on how you build the set and the styling!

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